Keswick Chuk

Service Director (Youth Service), ELCSS

Keswick Chuk has been a registered social worker for over twenty years. He is now the Service Director (Youth Service) of ELCSS. His area of specialization is juvenile delinquency, mediation, management and service startup. With formal training in social work (B.S.W.), criminology (M. Soc Sc), business administration (M.B.A.) and law (Juris Doctor). He also has received the mediation training from Fraser Region Mediation Center (Canada) in 2001 and Victim Offender Dialogue in Crime of Severe Criminal & Political Violence from University of Minnesota in 2008. He is representing Hong Kong as an International Associate in Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking. In addition, he has gained the qualification of First Class Corporate Trainer (China). He is keen in learning new knowledge and equipping himself to tackle the ever changing world.

With the rich front line experience and academic qualification, he starts to contribute in social work education since 2004 in different tertiary education, such as CUHK, CityU, Macau Polytechnic Institute and HKU. He is one of the popular lecturers in the Department of different Universities. On the other hand, in equipping the front line service, he and other Senior practitioners have conducted the youth outreaching course for the junior practitioners for pro bono since 2002.

In Youth Outreaching Services,  his rich exposure from frontline worker, team leader, trainer, supervisor to consultant facilitate him to share his valuable experience in Macau, Taiwan regularly. In 2011, with his diversified experience and academic background, Singapore Government appointed him as the consultant for the first two outreaching teams in their nationsince 2012. In 2010, he and 2 other Senior practitioners have published an outreaching handbook《街頭北斗:實務手冊》.His contribution in youth outreaching service is diversified and valuable.

Apart from outreaching service, he has represented ELCHK to support the set up of the first social work NGO in Shenzhen in 2007. He is the coordinator in conducting the training courses for difference services, clinical supervision and system set up.

For mediation, he is the first person to conduct and oversee the implementation of victim-offender mediation (VOM) services in Hong Kong in 1998. He and his team have developed and promoted the mediation service in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China for the last 16 years. With the rich background, he has presented the Hong Kong experience on VOM in various international conferences. Also, he is the one of the authors of the first comprehensive book on mediation in Hong Kong and the Chinese Version《調解通鑒》.




Eugene Chan

Steering Committee Member of Incu-Lab

Lecturer in Social Media Studies & Former Social Media Head in Public Utilities

Eugene Chan is a digital strategist focusing on social media, public engagement and social communications. 

He previously served in-house as PR manager of MTR Corporation, playing the role of social media strategistHe headed up compact team to work with a range of communications and operation colleagues, as well as managing digital consultant firms. He monitors, strategizes, plan and manages the public utilitys digital communication platforms.

Before that, Eugene was the Co-founding Head of Edelman Digital in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which is Edelman’s social media consultancy. 

Eugene does not only have extensive knowledge in social media, but he also maintains a good relationship with staff, bloggers, key opinion leaders of key online media and social media platforms across the region.  

He also brings extensive experience in managing various online media campaigns, benefited by his in-depth knowledge and understanding of digital media communications and consultancy towards social communities. 

Eugene currently serves as Lecturer in post-secondary institution in Digital & Social Media Marketing courses and is also its Workshop Programme Director.



Larry Kwan

Larry Kwan

Steering Committee Member of Incu-Lab

Director, Artsteer

Larry has accumulated a wide range of practical experience in both the business and non-profit sectors, including roles as business executive, project manager, art gallery manager, fundraiser, researcher, consultant and educator. He has been an active contributor in developing sustainable operation processes and management methods in different initiatives. He works closely with charities, NGOs and social enterprises on organizational capacity building. He is an advocate of applying the social enterprise model in the areas of arts and education, where he aims to build a sustainable platform for knowledge sharing to foster collaboration and help community organizations build capacity and create solutions to manage social problems.


 Kenny Yiu

Kenny Yiu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fimmick

Passionate, forward-thinking and an advocate of creativity, innovation and personalisation, Kenny has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and printing industry.

Being a pioneer entrepreneur of the local marketing industry, Kenny established one of the very first integrated local marketing agency spanning businesses of advertising, outdoor media, publishing and digital printing in the 90s. Over the years, by matching his philosophy to act on the cutting-edge of the trend, he has led to the birth of Fimmick, a digital marketing agency.

Kenny’s leadership, his tireless energy and enthusiasm for identifying new trends has connected him with numerous reputable organisations, such as taking the role of the Chairman of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA), and a member of HKTDC Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services Advisory Committee. 

姚金鴻 - Fimmick 創辦人及行政總裁



Ernest Lo 2 

Ernest Lo

Founding President, IOTA

Dr. Ernest Lo is Founder of Future Impact Lab, he was the Founding Director and Chief Representative of CTTC-HK Limited, a wireless technology company headquartered in Barcelona. Prior to this, he worked at Stanford University in the United States on wireless communication R&D and offered consulting service to a few international and local startup teams on communications-related products.

Ernest contributed to the standardization of the IEEE 802.22 cognitive radio WRAN system and holds a few US and China patents with some transferred to other companies. He has received several R&D awards, including three IEEE Best Paper Awards at top-tier conferences held in Glasgow, Houston, and Paris. He has been honoured as an Exemplary Reviewer of the IEEE Communications Letters and serving on the technical committees of many international conferences. Apart from his wireless technology career, he is also a photography enthusiast and organized various photo-taking events with local well-known parties years ago.