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1718376Are you a tech entrepreneur that aims at creating innovative tech products? 

 5240259Are you a social entrepreneur that aims at solving social problems with social innovation?



Let’s thinks out of the box to become an Tech x Social entrepreneur and create biz that have Tech x Social elements

What is E2?



E2 = Entrepreneur Square
     = Crossover of ideas & different types of Entrepreneurship





To encourage entrepreneurs to create crossover ideas and products and enable entrepreneurs to extend their horizons!

In HK, there are more and more tech entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, however they usually work in their own fields and seldom understand the other. 

  • Tech Entrepreneurship: Technology Innovation and Process Creativity 
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Social venture to achieve social change    

E2 aims to advocate the cross-over of the two, and generate Tech X Social ideas, and create new type of products and services!!

Where insiders share valuable insights and startups to pitch innovative projects 

NEW! With elements of POVERTY ALLEVIATION in the pitching projects this time!





E2 calls for entry from Tech X Social Entrepreneurs to pitch and dialogue with the angels, insiders, and other entrepreneurs!






E2 is part of IT Fest 2016


International IT Fest 2016 will hail another series of exciting ICT events surrounding cloud computing, startups, cyber security, mobility, internet of things, digital entertainment, e-Learning and digital inclusion. Spanning a fortnight from 11 to 23 April, IT Fest 2016 aims at bringing together international experts to share knowledge and exchange insights in various ICT domains. This mega event crystallizes the joint efforts of Hong Kong’s thriving ICT industry, our technology partners and Government. Surf this website to find out more, about events of interest to you and about Interactive Hong Kong!


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